GAPA Chicago In Memoriam

To All Our Dearly Departed Members, Family Members & Friends!


Is it a given that everyone passing from this life into the next goes right up to the Great Oktoberfest in the Sky? If so, why did God send His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us!


Among the spiritual insights of the German mystic,

Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerich:


"The poor souls (or lost souls: those with no one to pray for them) in purgatory suffer inexpressibly (from despair)."


"Many stay a long time in purgatory who, although not great sinners, have lived tepidly."


"There is a strong link between the holy souls in heaven and their descendants here on earth, lasting even centuries." 

Mike Haas at gravesite of Casper Lauer at
St. Boniface German Catholic Cemetery.

St. Gertude, a German Catholic nun, saint and mystic is invoked for her intercession on the behalf of  souls in purgatory and for living sinners. Our Lord told St. Gertrude that the following prayer would release 1000 souls from purgatory each time it is said. The prayer was extended to include living sinners as well.  This number of 1000 souls is only considered spiritually symbolic in that this prayer may include as many souls as 1000 or more depending on the sincerity and passion of those requesting our Lord's mercy !

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the most precious blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the masses said throughout the world today for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home, and within my family. Amen. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus "


Our dearly departed GAPA members, family members and friends may still need our prayers. If we forget them, who will remember us!

Pray for our GAPA Dearly Departed!
Chuck Pinkerton (Philly GAPA) & Roger Haas (GAPA Chicago) join hands!

"The living can help their dearly departed loved ones in the afterlife through prayer. The souls of the departed can receive solace through the Eucharist, prayer and almsgiving. The belief that prayer can reach into the afterlife--in which our affection for one another continues beyond the limits of death--has been a fundamental conviction of Christianity throughout the ages, and it remains a source of comfort today. Our prayers for the deceased can assist in their purification and are never too late, nor are they ever in vain!"
(Pope Benedict XVI, from Spe Salvi, November, 2007)

National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall
Rich Adorjan, John Schuld, John Huinker & Roger Haas

National Law Enforcement Memorial in D.C.
GAPA's Pat Duckhorn, 1st Vice President, Illinois State Fraternal Order of Police

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National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in D.C.
Casper Lauer Inscription

Larry Vincent Inscription

Casper Lauer
Larry Vincent
Tom Taylor
Joan Spicer
Erna Braun
Elizabeth Sebastian
Roy Sebastian, Sr. 
Donald Swinkle
Karl Laschet
Blanch Bohling
Nora Bradley
Jack Groth
Bernard Kuhlmann
Helen Heerdt
Gertrude Kirchens
Anne Hundrieser
Gloria Gleason
Herb Litz
John Bagans
Dietmar Sadowski
Terry Menzyk
Marge Frank
Craig Kohler
Sophie Drewniak
Paul Blaney
Dick St. John
Virginia St, John 
Else Diedler
Frederick Lowe, Sr. 
Clara Schaefer
Anna Haas
Michael Haas
Michael J. Haas
Ludwig Duenstl
Lydia Duenstl
Mary Hadle
Donna Luecker
Gus Kurtzner
Peter Hasiuk
Muriel Drell 

The Metro Club's
Beppo Koestenberger

Ernest Tuchowski
Janice Martin
Eleanor Altergott
Daniel Thun
Ed Thun 
Andrew Hoffman
John Neumann
John Kessel
Walter Kelly
Helen Griesch
Maurice Thoele
Mary Schmit
Bruce Hicks
Genevieve Sleichert
Ann Volkl
Frank Kracher
Robert Watts
Adeline Kelly
Patricia Anderson
Florence Danielson
Rose Enk
Chester Brandt
Marcia Baldree
Linda Zaragoza
Barbara Adorjan
Carolyn Zickenheiner
Herb Schreiber
Ed Hundrieser
Albert Puhr
Gerald Koch
Virginia Dudek
Bill Haack
Colleen Schober
Gerhard Stadler, Sr.
Heinz Wieland, Sr,
Ana Stefanec
Mike Kirsch
Fred Hattenberger
Dick Curry
Jerry Swinkle
Henry Bachmann
Rose Hrynewcz
Phyliss Ashford
Hedi Abt
Lillian Cordt
Craig Phillips
Ferdinand Moritz
Siegfried Schweitzer
Miervaldis Leititis
Barbara Klug


Rudy Daimer

Vietnam Wall Memorial in D.C.
Kenneth Haas Inscription

John Kessel, We miss ya!

John Enk

David Paul

Rosemary DeChristopher

Angelo DeChristopher

Richard Howe

Gertrude Johnson

Josephine Griebahn

Ernie Rothmund

Edward Haas

Joan Gustafson

Frank Kajari

Frankie Kajari 

William Adams

Nancy Pemberton

Roberta Williams

Siegfriend Manke

Judy Goga

Natalie Laduzinsky

Clarence Asbach

Isabella Stadler

Gina (Haas) Bitz

John Marlovitz



The Rothmunds
Pat, "Grandma Lucky" & Ron

Franz Kokott Sr, Heinz Kokott, Guenther Siegel, Syril June Schloss, Rolf Northfell, Gladys Boose, Ernst Kresen, James Gartner, Harry Formanski, Bernadine Theis, Ann Schoenemann, Harry Obermeier, Harry Waechter, Joseph Krieger, Beppo Koestenberger, John Coughlin, Norm Hick, Arthur Haack, Manford Cousee, Reinhold Schoemann, Angelo DeChristopher, Phillip "Dutch" Neaveill, Alphonse Mazur, Suze Holzinger, Pat Rothmund, Rick Wagner, Bob Trausch, Glen Trausch, Gina (Trausch) Kawell , Rudy Deimer, David Bahr, Army Sgt Wesley Wells-KIA Iraq, Donald Theis, Rich Stubbe, Catherine Jacobs, Kevin Fleischhacker, Georg Hunger, Herta Hunger Kenneth Haas KIA-Vietnam, Melburn Haas, Ernie Rothmund, John Petry Sr, Joe Krieger, Frank Graszer, Simon Krischak, Olza Bernhardt, Gary Jensen, Cindy Espeland-Mathey, Ed Ruettiger, Sr, John P. Becker, Richard S. Schaefer, Erwin Manenti, Veronica McCann, Don Maas, Joseph Schober

Founding President Norbert Hozinger with wife
Mary Ellen

Horst Zickenheiner

Jerry Koch & his vintage WWII Jeep was always a
highlight at past GAPA picnics!

Chuck Carlson Richard Schaefer Dennis Schaefer Ronald Schulz Edward Gieres Donna Kelly Norma Kurtzner Kurt Stubbe Fred Griesch John Grizzoffi Horst Zickenheiner Bob Hofbauer Don Stephens Danny Green Anni Koestenberger Clara Taylor Pat Glunz William Johnson Walter Repsch Lorraine Koehler Terry Griebahn Frances Griebahn Ron Rothmund Stephanie Hrynewcyz Father Richard Pistole Terri Volkl Carl Zoch Marliese Englert Hermann Gless (Unterheimbach,Germany Wilton Brumley Lorraine Edeling Clyde Riesche Bernice Haas Marge Lehner George Lehner Bob Clocko Danielle Marie Pisterzi Mike Kapfhammer Richard Kapfhammer Bill Kapfhammer Anna Slabadinak Lawrence Hippert Tom Zimmermann Oscar Remington Peter Mahler Ludwig Stefanec Marko Oswald Donald Quill Barbara Jean Stubbe Jim Pabsiak Roy Handler Susan Handler Jake Schmitz Joseph Bishop

Lillian & Roy Handler

Tom Schmidt,
Ya did good things for us!

Terri Volkl (bottom center), a great GAPA gal with
hubby George (left) & Volkl family!

Terry Griebahn

Carl, You were among GAPA's finest!
Carl & Leonna Sonne

Carl Turek
Barbara Asbach
Marie Kwasnicki
Leona Sonne
Carl Sonne 
 Lucy Westerby
Burt Johnson
Walter Kruppok
Esther Davis
Bob Gablin Sr.
Monroe Vollick
Henry Shurman
Dennis Schaefer
Margaret Marie
Harold Schulz
Ewald Thun
Dave Bahr
Rick Wagner
Arthur Carney
Bob Powell
Bob Frenzel
Esther Schuld
Tom Schmidt
Tom Slowinski
Hans Scharl
Margaret Bickel
Mel Itter
Norbert Holzinger, Founding President
Mike Slepecevich/ "Mike Lukas"
Ed Adorjan
Frank Zuelke

If your dearly departed GAPA member, family member or friend is not listed here, and you wish to add him/her to our intentions list, contact me at the below email address.
Mike Haas, GAPA Web Meister.